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Ultra 1: changing default X server

I just installed debian slink 2.1-r4 onto an ultra 1
machine.  I had chosen Xsun as the default server,
but it didn't start up.

I want to switch to Xsun24 as the default.  I have
changed the first line of /etc/X11/Xserver to say
Xsun24 instead of Xsun.  It seems to work... Is that
all I have to do?

I've been getting a message on VT7 just before the
X server starts up (both Xsun and Xsun24):
eth0: Link has been forced up using internal transceiver
  at 10Mb/s, Half Duplex

Is that bad?  before running the xserver, running
ifconfig shoes that eth0 is up...  I think.
It's hard to check before xdm runs.

Should I be using Xsun24 or Xfree86, anyway?  I seem
to have a Creator frame buffer.


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