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SMP Kernel and software that doesn't work well?

I'm now using an SMP kernel and some software seems to behave
poorly. For example no graphical web browser seems to work well. (lynx
is great). This of course may have nothing to do with the kernel I'm
running or the Multiprocessing options. I've tried Amaya, Arena, and

Is there a standard way to tell where to look for problems. That is a way to tell if I'm having problems due to the SMP kernel, due to the app, or due to something about the app with an SMP kernel. I suspect that most apps are being coded initially with a single CPU intel processor model. Using
Xosview it seem that both CPUs get sent into high gear as soon as I
try to start Mozilla - but I don't have an easy way to compare. (I
suppose I could install the same version on the kernel on a single CPU
system and duplicate the install by copying over the settings for apt
(dselect), though I've never tried this. Sounds like a good idea!)

Linux whirlaway 2.2.14 #1 SMP Wed Mar 29 23:25:56 EST 2000
Two TI SuperSparc MHz processors, 99.83 total bogomips, 512M RAM
System library 2.1.3

Josh Kuperman                       

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