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problems on SS5/170


I've aquired a SS5/170 with 64meg RAM, a 2gig internal drive, a
qfe and a PTI SC SI controller[1].  I'm trying to install Potato
on it via tfpboot.img from 2.2.1 0-2000-03-30/sun4cdm.  I'm using
the serial console - the box has a TGX, but I h ave no 13w3 monitor.

I made it all the way through the install the first time I tried,
using DHCP to configure qfe0 and fetching the drivers, rescue and
base via HTTP, using a Squid proxy.  Unfortunately, I made / too
large and the resulting system wouldn't boo t, so I had to start over.

Every subsequent install, the machine has hung at some point.  It
seems to lock solid, but a break still drops it to the ok prompt.
Usually, it hangs while fet ching one of the required files from
the network[2], but I've also had it hang a couple of times while
untarring base2_2.tgz.  As an additional data point, on the 
subsequent attempts, the drivers, rescue and base came out of the
proxy's cache, so they were coming as fast as the SS5 could take them.

Is it possible to get to the shell running on tty2 via the serial

Any hints would be most appreciated.


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