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Re: Zilog 8530 maxspeed?

	hm, but what about 57600bps? modems support it, all SW also.
	Should I believe that Z8530 can do 38400, 76800 but NOT 57600bps?
	With Siemens 82532 serial controller you can do all speeds w/o
	any problem (except 76800 of course :)


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> > 	Hi all! Has somebody succeeded in using speeds higher than 38400bps
> > 	through Zilog 8530 serial controller (i.e. almost all sun4m machines).
> > 	I have no problems with 115200bps on sun4u with Siemens 82532,
> > 	but it seems 38400 is max for Z8530. Or am I missing something?
> The chip can do 76800bps, with an error rate depending on CPU speed
> behind it. But this is not really worth anything, as modems don't support
> that speed. This all depends on the the input clock given to the chip
> on sun boards.
> You can get faster as that by letting the chip do different bit samplings,
> i.e. only 4 sample interval per bit, but this dramatically increases the
> error rate on async interfaces (which makes it unusable with modems, again).
> All in all 38400 is it.
> Eddie C. Dost
> ecd@skynet.be
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