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Re: Success story: potato on Sparc Classic

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far way, someone said...

> Oh, something different: what kind of memory does a Classic need? It
> currently has 24MB installed, and I have a couple of 8MB 60 and 70 ns 72
> pins PC SIMMs, but I'm not sure if it needs fast page mode or EDO SIMMs.
> I'm also not sure if a Classic really needs parity memory.

It's my understanding that late Sun4c's (IPX and maybe sparctation 2) and
early Sun4m's (like your Classic) will take parity fast page mode 72 pin
60 ns PC sims, but that PC simms can't be mixed with Sun simms (apparently
Sun simms are 33 bit and PC simms are 36 bit)

The people on the sunhelp mailing list (sunhelp@sunhelp.org) will be able
to help you more than the ramblings of some college student :)

Phil Brutsche					pbrutsch@creighton.edu

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