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Re: classic & sparc2 install reports (was: Re: problems potato.)

> chmod: /etc/resolv.conf: No such file or directory

I'll have to check into that one. Was this after reboot or during install?

> Still problem with apt & non-US mirror site: cannot specify one other than
> non-us.debian.org even in manual mode (bug already filed).

This would be a bug in base-config, which I think is getting resolved.

> First install of base-files told me to replace /etc/motd conf file.  Not so
> good.  I guess it was because out of sync 2.2.10 boot-floppies.

Yes, the latest base-files contains a newer motd. So this wont be a
problem in the released set of boot-floppies.

> > > Here aswell: I'll look into this in about a week or so...
> > 
> > Thanks, I'de appreciate more feedback on the IPC problem. So far I haven't
> > noticed anything on any of my sun4c's.
> It's a no go on my sparc2 too (64MB, serial console, 420MB HD):
> ok boot net
> Boot device: /sbus/le@0,c00000   File and args: 
> 207a00 
> Booting Linux...
> System hangs ;((

All of our problems seem to stem from sun4c (more so on IPC than anything
else). What happens if you tell it to boot the linux-a.out file from the
sun4cdm directory in boot-floppies 2.2.10? You can do something like this:

boot le() root= ip=

...where is an NFS server with
the root.tar.gz tarball unpacked on it. Perhaps the problem is in the
kernel, but I want to make sure


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