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Re: Formatting SeaGate Barracuda ST39216N drive with SLINK CD

If you have access to Solaris 2.6 or greater, run format on the drive
and auto-configure to create a format.dat and disk label.


Josh Kuperman wrote:

I am having trouble installing the Slink distro from CD onto a new
9G Seagate Barracude ST39216N drive.

I couldn't find a format.dat file on the net. I tried to look through
the Sun Managers list in the hope of and I emailed Seagate's tech
support but didn't get a reply yet. Are there any tools to test a SCSI
drive that I can run off the install CD?

The did download the documentation from Seagate but following their
configuration information the drive comes out about half the size it
should be and doesn't work anyway. Is there something special I have
to do to make it bootable under SILO.

Josh Kuperman

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