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Re: New set of sparc boot disks


baudin maxime <baudin@cnam.fr> wrote:
>strange, pppconfig works here(not the ppp link, because

Ah, maybe you misread the sentence I wrote

>> 1)uninstall pppconfig fails.

I want to un-install ppp and pppconfig because there is no use for it here.
But the un-install script is broken.

>there's no sun setting, as the sbus has pnp capability, The system autodetect

Ah, ok. The link points to a non-existing file anyway...

>> 5)the window manager doesn't start (??). I'm mystified on this one.

I followed the Xsession script again and checked the files and perms.
But I only get xterm and no window manager >:^(

Maybe I need some sleep and recheck.

Pas de bureau mais une grande poubelle.

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