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On Thu, Oct 28, 1999 at 08:41:41PM -0700, ferret@phonewave.net wrote:
> On Sun, 24 Oct 1999, Jokker wrote:
> > I remember awhile back there being problems with APT for sparc 
> > getting stuck in infinite loops...has this been resolved? or should I 
> > go for an older distrib?
> > 
> > I am trying to do an ftp install	
> I've had this exact same problem after updating my 'new' Sparc IPX to
> Slink, and had to unpack the apt executables and one library from the
> installation tarball to get apt working again.

I had this problem doing a "net boot" (rarpd+tftpboot) install using the
slink tftpboot image.  I got past the initial part of the install, but had
to switch to "mounted" method at some point (just before or just after the
base install).  Once the build was done, I upgraded apt and libstdc++2.10
to potato and everything was fine when I switched back to apt.  This was
on a sun4c.  On the sun4m's I've installed, I had no problems.

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