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Re: audio?

> > Understandably so.  This is Linux, after all.
> And? Then where's my RealPlayer, since they support "Linux"?

No they don't.  They pay Linux lip service.  Supported Linux software comes
with source.  Period.  No exceptions.  Anything else is just hot air.

Hell, I can't even install RealPlayer on some of my x86 boxes.  "What, you
want sound *without* X?  What are you thinking?  Real has decided that
all users are better off using X."  I want as little to do with that
monstrosity as possible.  Closed source is bad enough, closed network
protocols are far worse.  Don't get me started....

> that's because they won't.

Silly me.  I'm new to this sparc thing.  I thought, devel kernels would at
least *compile*, even if they wouldn't work.  Especially those that list
"Sparc64 updates" in the changelog...

> i said steal files, not compile 2.3

Well, I was hopefull....

> did you copy in the audioio.h to include/asm-sparc as well?

Into asm-sparc64, but, otherwise, yes.

> it's possible
> it will no longer compile in 2.2, but it's not my fault. i was doing
> everything portably

Ok, then.  I'll see if I can get to the root of the problem.  Prolly later
this weekend.

> easiest would be wait for 2.3 to work on sparc32 again, which should be
> soon enough

Lemme see what I can do...


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