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Re: audio?

On Fri, 29 Oct 1999 sharkey@superk.physics.sunysb.edu wrote:

> > you probably are. default setting for /dev/audio is 8bit mono ulaw. a wav
> > may or may not have a header which happens to be of the correct size to be
> > one or more audio "blocks" and hence not upset things when you cat it to
> > /dev/audio, i dunno.
> I was under the impression that an audio "block" for an 8-bit mono wav file
> was 8 bits.  Headers are multiples of 8 bits, so that should be ok.  The
> real problem is the ulaw format.  i386 /dev/dsp defaults to linear mode, no?

yes. so does sparc /dev/dsp, if you use the changes I made in 2.3 

> I used sox to convert a wav file from linear to ulaw encoding and then
> used cat to send it to /dev/dsp and it sounded ok once I dropped the sampling
> rate to 8 KHz.  (It was still intelligible without the rate conversion of
> course.)

> > sun "au" is more my bag,
> I see.  These default to u-law?

yes, but the key is default to. you can do 44.1 stereo linear au's

> None of the Debian supplied mp3 players will run correctly, if at all.  (At
> least for me.)

you need the patches I did for 2.3, otherwise the OSS ioctls don't all

> > In reality a player problem like tplay would be your best bet;
> > If you get noise, add the -x arg (for byte swapping) and try again. I have
> > a 4231 in my SS4, and I wrote the driver. I assure you, it does work.
> Ok.  I'd have to download the source for that.  That's not included with
> Debian.  I still haven't gotten around to it. 

> > As to /dev/dsp versus /dev/audio, in 2.2 kernels SunOS/Solaris ioctls
> > worked much better than Linux ioctls. People whined,
> Understandably so.  This is Linux, after all.

And? Then where's my RealPlayer, since they support "Linux"?

> > so I went back and > entirely rewrote the Linux (OSS-compatibility)
> interface. [clip] > Anyhow, you *should* be able to get all of
> drivers/sbus/audio/* and > include/asm-sparc/audioio.h (or
> include/asm-sparc64/audioio.h if sparc64)  > from the CVS tree on
> cvs.on.openprojects.net,
> I'm sorry.  It's not obvious to me how to access this server.  Is it the
> same as the drive included in the v2.3 snapshots?

i don't understand your question

> I downloaded several different 2.3 kernels/patches from .18 to .23.  I
> haven't yet been able to get any of them to compile.  Has anyone on this
> list successfully compiled a recent 2.3 kernel?

that's because they won't. i said steal files, not compile 2.3

did you copy in the audioio.h to include/asm-sparc as well? it's possible
it will no longer compile in 2.2, but it's not my fault. i was doing
everything portably

> I can probably back-port this code, but, do you have any better suggestions
> before I do this?  (As you can gather from the latency of my reply, I don't
> have as much time to devote to this as I'd like.)

easiest would be wait for 2.3 to work on sparc32 again, which should be
soon enough


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