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Re: nfsroot boot img?

henri wrote:
> hey,
> i just tried to get slink to work on a diskless sparc2.
> got the base install done, then tried to re-boot w/
> >b net linux nfsroot=
> and the same tftpboot.img found in disks-sparc (that i used to start
> the install w/)
> it boots, rarp's, connects to the nfs server (i see the connection in
> the log file of the server), then comes back w/ an nfs error -22
> and says something about not being able to get the inode for the root
> partition, then it waits for me to put a floppy in the drive. 
> any ideas?

Did you export /usr/local/sparc for root rw access ?

> i'm assuming that since it printed out some messages that start w/
> NFS-Root that the tftpboot image is configured to do that..
> henri
> - would it make any sense to use the vmlinux that comes w/ slink as
> the tftpboot image? i guess i could start teh install process over and
> download elftoaout to convert it...

The "linux" file from boot-disks is available to do that.  It is already
a.out format.


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