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Re: problem connecting a sparc 2 to a serial modem

Karan Bhatia wrote:
> First of all, is there anyone out there who has it working?  that is,
> do you have a sparc 2 connect through a modem to an ISP running ppp?

On Sparcs, no. On Intels, yes.

> if so, please let me know, otherwise i'll just stop trying.

I'm just trying to answer...
> When i talk directly to the modem, as in
> % cat > /dev/ttyS0
> ATDT 5551212
> <cont-d>
> The modem initializes, i get the tone, it then dials, all as it should.

What about trying using minicom? If minicom can dial (using) the modem
then the serial connection (Sparc <-> modem) is working properly.

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