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problem connecting a sparc 2 to a serial modem

hi, i am having this problem getting the ppp working with a sparc 2.

First of all, is there anyone out there who has it working?  that is,
do you have a sparc 2 connect through a modem to an ISP running ppp?  
if so, please let me know, otherwise i'll just stop trying.

I am running slink and i noticed the setserial problem that others have
mentioned.  I upgraded using the proposed-updates to a newer version of
setserial and i no longer get the error, but the device is still lists 
an unknown uart (although i can set this manually, there is no option 
for the zylog serial port).   According to other posts, setserial seems
to be unimportant anyway, that is, the serial port should work without
configuring the port.

When i talk directly to the modem, as in
% cat > /dev/ttyS0
ATDT 5551212
The modem initializes, i get the tone, it then dials, all as it should.

I configured ppp using pppconfig with all the right settings (same as my
intel box).  When i do a "pon", it starts a "chat" process, which eventually
times out, then the "pppd" process exits.  In the mean time, the modem
blinks once, but there is no dial tone, no dialing, no nothing. 

Here's what i think is wrong:  pppd (or maybe chat) is trying to set 
some parameters for the serial port, and that for some reason is failing.
Leading to some timeouts.  

Anyone have any ideas on this?  any help is greatly appreciated.

- karan

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