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util-linux & fdisk


  since slink release, fdisk & hwclock are provided by util-linux.
It conflicts & replaces the old fdisk & clock packages I maintained a long time
ago because util-linux 2.7 did not include them.
However, I just discovered that these packages were not removed from the
archive :(  Could be my fault as I don't remember whether I told the ftp
maintainer to remove them :-((
I guess it's not a problem on new installations, because they are ignored by
the package selection scheme as util-linux supersed them.
Nevertheless, I filed a bug report about this problem.

Another problem I discovered is that the latest util-linux from potato is not
providing fdisk anymore.  Sources are still there but the binary is left out of
the Debian package.  I filed another bug related to this package.

I also found that potato's util-linux does not conflict & replace fdisk, clock
anymore.  Is it still required or could these dependencies be ignored, as no
slink system should have them installed ?


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