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Re: Parallel port on SparcClassic

On Sat, 11 Sep 1999, Alexander Shumakovitch wrote:

> suspect the worst and indeed somewhere on RH site found that parallel port on
> sbus SPARCs is listed as unsupported. So I'd like to try 2.2.x kernel hopping
> it's less unsupported there than in 2.0.35 ;-) The problem now is that all the
> kernel images in Debian (both slink and potato) are compiled without BPP
> option, and I have no chances to compile it myself on the poor SparcClassic.

The BPP driver should work in very new 2.2 kernels, and there's parport
support in new 2.3 kernels (though I don't think the new 2.3 kernels work
on sparc32 yet)

> custom-build kernel with this option enabled? Have anyone ever had a success
> with connecting a printer to a Sparc/Linux box?

Yes. The fix for the BPP driver is simple. Find the struct bpp_regs and
add __volatile__ to the declarations of all the variables in it.


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