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Re: Sparc and something version 2.9

Thomas Habets <thomas@habets.pp.se> writes:

> It took me and a friend two hours to find out how to boot the debian disc
> on a sparcstation 1+ (ok, it was the first time either one of us ever
> actually played with a sparc but anyway).
> RedHat supports something version 2.9 to boot SILO and it was not so easy
> to find the parameters "/fd;1/linux load_ramdisk=1 prompt_ramdisk=1".

This is for flopppy booting, right?

Looking through the Sparc installation manual, sections "3.3.2 Boot
Device Selection" and "6.2 Booting from Floppy", I agree that
documentation-wise, there is a problem here.  I need help, though,
since I can't test things myself -- my sparc doesn't boot from floppy
at all.

Doesn't 'boot floppy' do the right thing?  Is it true you need the
load_ramdisk and prompt_ramdisk options?  

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