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Re: How to do it? [Xserver]

adam@onshore.com (Adam Di Carlo) writes:

-> magic@pg.gda.pl (Artur Zaworski) writes:
-> > Sorry, I forgot something... last sec. of my Xsun ;>
-> > 
-> > + strace Xsun 
-> > 
-> > access("/dev/fb0", R_OK|W_OK)           = 0
-> > open("/dev/fb0", O_RDWR)                = 6
-> > ioctl(6, FBIOGATTR, 0x2cf4f0)           = 0
-> > ioctl(6, 0x80144604, 0x2c332c)          = 0
-> This would make me think you perhaps are using the wrong X server?

It's Xsun from debian dist. (slink)
ii  xserver-xsun    X server for 8-bit Sun framebuffers

I tried xsun24 too (the same version as above).

-> Which model of graphics card do you have (or Sun model if you don't
-> know the card)?  Which X server are you using?

It's Sparc Station 20, graphic card - i think it's a kind of SX, but it can be
TurboGX or a kind of ZX too.
Are they all supported in this xserver?

What can I do or what can I read? :-(
Thx's a lot,
                email: magic@pg.gda.pl, Technical University of Gdansk, Poland.

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