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How to do it? [Xserver]

	All the time I have problems with my Xserver. I've debian slink 
(2.1) on Sparc station 20 with kernel 2.2.1. I've done devices:
/dev/fb0 with 29,0
/dev/fb1 with 29,32  (major,minor)
with mknod. I've done links to it (fb0current and fb1current) and... 
I've no idea what to do now?
When I typed 'startx' I get:
faraon:~# startx

(using VT number 7)

X connection to :0.0 broken (explicit kill or server shutdown).

It's from root.
On the X's terminal I've got only red bar around. What can I do? What can I
read? :-)

Any ideas? Can anybody help me?
Thanks a lot,
                     rznvy: zntvp@ct.tqn.cy uggc://jjj.ct.tqn.cy/~zntvp
 Pmlzmr wrfg mlpvr, wrfyv avr hfgnjvpman zbmyvjbfpvn cbcryavnavn oyrqbj.

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