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Re: kernel 2.0.37 compilation failure

> Woooooaaah.... Apparently I'm very lucky, because the SLC here wasn't
> damaged. :-)) But I can confirm: X doesn't work if a kernel 2.2.x is running.
> (Tested up to 2.2.10) Text mode works fine if you ignore the big wipe stripe
> running down on the left side of the screen. ;-))

Don't worry, the SLC didn't die because of the bwtwo bug :) Its just old.

> So.... There is NO chance to get 2.0.37 running...??
> (btw. 2.2.x would be even better- but I don't dare to ask.... ;-))

The bwtwo driver is pretty simple so shouldn't be too hard to fix (hint to
anyone :)


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