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Re: New day...

Andreas Jaehnigen wrote:
> ...new problems! ;-)
> But first of all, hi there everybody! :-)
> I'm still working on a Sun Sparcstation SLC which is intended to be an X-
> terminal soon. :-) The machine will have NO disks attached to it and everything
> will be there done via NFS. (At the moment, there IS a disk, of course, with 
> Debian running on it.)
> Now, I've some rather basic problems concerning the boot process, maybe you
> can comment on them or give some additional links! :-)
> At least (!!) the kernel starts up now, but it then hangs because it's unable
> to mount its root device (that's my problem now).
> Of course, I've built the kernel with option "root on NFS". :-)

Take a look at Documentation/nfsroot.txt in kernel sources to know how to pass
boot infos at kernel command line.  I'm sorry but I don't boot my sparc like
that so I can't help you much on this topic.

> I have NOT included BOOTP support - is this a fault? (I thought the parameters

Did you have chosen RARP support ?

> could be also given as a parameter on startup OR set with the "knl" utility?!)
> So, I've to instruct the kernel now where's its root (and swap) filesystem,
> right? Am I right if I use the "knl" utility for this purpose, or did I get
> something wrong?
> Or, just a fundamental question: If the kernel is loaded via NFS and starts up
> afterwards, how does it know where (and how) to mount its root filesystem
> from?
> That's the thing I wanted to use the "knl" utility for, but it only says:
> # knl --kernel= /target/boot/vmlinuz-2.2.9-netboot 
> knl: (3) File is not a kernel image.
> The file "/target/boot/vmlinuz-2.2.9-netboot" is mounted via NFS and is the
> kernel file. As said before, it is loaded succesfully (but then dies).
> Another question: What is the thing about the /dev/nfsroot special file?
> Should it be created on the server (/dev/nfsroot) or on the client's
> filesystem? (here: /target/dev/nfsroot)

If you use RARP to resolve IP address from MAC address, you can setup your RARP
server as NFS server for your root filesystem.
After the kernel is loaded (via tftp) it tries to mount it's root fs from the
same server address.  The default path on the server side should be
/tftpboot/<IP> where <IP> is the IP address in quad dotted form.

Hope this helps you a little.

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