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Re: Diskless ELC install.

slack wrote:
> I've got an ELC with 16 megs of ram. It does not have a drive, so I want to
> boot it off of a linux box that I have on the network. (2.0.36 nfs v2.2beta
> 35) Here is where I'm running into problems.
> I have the tftp stuff setup correctly, as the ELC will boot off of the
> network, suck the kernel (tftpboot.img) then run dinstall.
> I can get the machine to mount the root system which I exctraced from
> root.tar.gz obtained form the ftp site. Upon asking it to install the
> kernel and modules it will state that it detects a broken loop and will
> copy the file over. It works for the rescue disk, but during the
> installation of the drivers it dumps an error "/lib/module_help: Too many
> levels of symbolic links." From that point it will just push me back to
> dsintall and I can go no further...
> Has anyone run into this one before? Are there any new tftpboot image
> files, or different driver/rescue disks that I should be using?

It's a known bug that will be fixed in the next release.
In the meant time you can skip the drivers configuration the go to install the
base system, configure it, ... I'm afraid all these steps are to be selected
by hand in the main menu.


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