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Diskless ELC install.

I've got an ELC with 16 megs of ram. It does not have a drive, so I want to
boot it off of a linux box that I have on the network. (2.0.36 nfs v2.2beta
35) Here is where I'm running into problems.

I have the tftp stuff setup correctly, as the ELC will boot off of the
network, suck the kernel (tftpboot.img) then run dinstall.

I can get the machine to mount the root system which I exctraced from
root.tar.gz obtained form the ftp site. Upon asking it to install the
kernel and modules it will state that it detects a broken loop and will
copy the file over. It works for the rescue disk, but during the
installation of the drivers it dumps an error "/lib/module_help: Too many
levels of symbolic links." From that point it will just push me back to
dsintall and I can go no further...

Has anyone run into this one before? Are there any new tftpboot image
files, or different driver/rescue disks that I should be using?

Thanks for the help.

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