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New perl

I have compiled a new perl, which incorporates both DB_File and GDBM_File
support for sparc.

To do this, I have had to make two changes to the source.

1) I have had to apply the patch in bug #????

2) I have had to make the changes suggested by Christian Meder to make
perl find the 1.85 compatibility header for db.

I think we should have this version of perl in slink.

I could upload it as version 5.004.04-6, without source.

I can't upload it with source, since the changes I've made to 'Configure'
to incorporate the compatibility header for db will probably break on i386

And I'm not happy about releasing sparc/slink with a perl which is not
compilable from source - as indeed is currently the situation.

What shall I do?


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