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Re: The road ahead ...

> > * X
> > 
> > Seems to work well on most installations. I uploaded the last X packages and 
> > didn't file a bug report with the patch but sent it to Anders who 
> > usually does the X stuff on Sparc. I didn't keep up with the latest X 
> > prereleases on i386 but we definitly need another X upload after Branden
> > released another X set. Anders, Steve, could you coordinate on syncing up
> > with Branden's prereleases ? I would favor to use the current X sparc patch
> > for frozen and switch to Steve's patches for potato.
> There's still a kernel bug with X and the cgsix.  See other threads here
> and on sparclinux.  

I may be able to lay my hands on an SS10 with a cg6 and be able to actually do 
some debugging of this (and compile a bit faster than on my Classic).


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