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Re: The road ahead ...

On Wed, 27 Jan 1999, Christian Meder wrote:

> * X
> Seems to work well on most installations. I uploaded the last X packages and 
> didn't file a bug report with the patch but sent it to Anders who 
> usually does the X stuff on Sparc. I didn't keep up with the latest X 
> prereleases on i386 but we definitly need another X upload after Branden
> released another X set. Anders, Steve, could you coordinate on syncing up
> with Branden's prereleases ? I would favor to use the current X sparc patch
> for frozen and switch to Steve's patches for potato.

There's still a kernel bug with X and the cgsix.  See other threads here
and on sparclinux.  

> * kernel issues
> 2.0.35 was running pretty well for me. I'm running a 2.2.0-pre8 cvs kernel 
> right now which is up 6 days. Anyone experiences with 2.2.0 ?
> If we'll agree on a good 2.2.x candiate I'll package it and upload an image.
> Probably we should provide 2.2.x boot images too. What's your opinion Eric ?

I'm running 2.2.0-pre5, aliened from a redhat rpm.  Seems fine (except I
can't use X ;-(

> * outdated and missing packages
> I've got most of the outdated stuff compiled and will upload it today or
> tomorrow (hope I will get Gnome done too ;-)

Wow.  Good work.  I'm working on perl (our slink version doesn't have
GDBM_File support).

> * testing
> I would appreciate a flood of experiences with the uptodate sparc slink 
> distribution. Serious brokenness is especially welcome but we like 
> supportive cheers too ;-)

fakeroot seems to be seriously broken.


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