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Re: missing packages in slink (continued)

Eric Delaunay <delaunay@lix.polytechnique.fr> writes:

> I forgot the following packages in my previous post:
>  utils           ftape               4.03pre1-1        (binary pkg ftape-module-2.0.34)
>  utils           ftape-tools         1.07-1            (binary pkg ftape-util)
>  libs            glib                1.1.3-2           (binary pkgs libglib*)
>  libs            gtk+1.1             1.1.2-2           (binary pkgs libgtk*)
>  math            netcdf              3.4-4
>  interpreters    python-llnl         7-7.1             (binary pkg python-numeric)
>  web             vrweb               1.5-2
>  web             www-sql             0.5.5-1           (binary pkg www-pgsql)
>  libs            wxxt                1.66d-7           (binary pkg wxhelp)
>  net             xntp3               5.93-3
>  x11             scwm                0.8a-8

> Is there a xf86setup package for sparc?  Since sparc xservers are not using
> XF86Config at all, I don't think such package have to be provided but I could
> be wrong...

One of the sparc servers on my site uses an XF86Config file.  (There
is no source for the servers in slink.)  But it doesn't use xf86setup,
which doesn't seem to work on the Sparc, yet.  (I believe Jakub is
working on this.)

BTW, updated versions of gdbm, vtwm and gv are now in slink.


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