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Re: missing packages in slink (continued)

I forgot the following packages in my previous post:

 utils           ftape               4.03pre1-1        (binary pkg ftape-module-2.0.34)
 utils           ftape-tools         1.07-1            (binary pkg ftape-util)
 libs            glib                1.1.3-2           (binary pkgs libglib*)
 libs            gtk+1.1             1.1.2-2           (binary pkgs libgtk*)
 math            netcdf              3.4-4
 interpreters    python-llnl         7-7.1             (binary pkg python-numeric)
 web             vrweb               1.5-2
 web             www-sql             0.5.5-1           (binary pkg www-pgsql)
 libs            wxxt                1.66d-7           (binary pkg wxhelp)
 net             xntp3               5.93-3
 x11             scwm                0.8a-8

Is there a xf86setup package for sparc?  Since sparc xservers are not using
XF86Config at all, I don't think such package have to be provided but I could
be wrong...

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