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Re: missing packages in slink (continued)

Eric Delaunay <delaunay@lix.polytechnique.fr> writes:

>  Section         Package             Version
>  ----------------------------------------------------

>  text            gv                  3.5.8-9

I'd like to compile this one (and I tried), but it can't be compiled
from source on a Debian system.  We have no dev package for libXaw3d.

>  web             amaya               1.3-1

I compiled 1.3a and 1.4a-1 for sparc.  The usability of 1.4a-1 (master
has binaries for i386 and sparc) is so much better nonetheless, I'm
not compiling 1.3-1 the sparc (it would require source changes to
compile and the program is flakey).

>  interpreters    gcl                 2.2.1-2
>  doc             gclinfo             2.2-6

These won't happen.  They would need to be ported first (a lot of

>  web             php3                3.0.5-3
>  web             apache              1.3.3-4

I'd like to see these two compiled.  (apache may be a difficult, because
other packages depend on it.)

>  web             mozilla             19981008-0.1

I was under the impression that this package didn't even work right on

>  libs            tcl7.6              7.6p2-7
>  libs            tk4.2               4.2p2-7
>  x11             tkdesk              1.1-1

These three go together, tkdesk relies on an out of date tcl/tk to
compile.  I'm not going to bother.  (Perhaps the next version of
tkdesk will fix this.)

>  x11             vtwm                5.4.4-3

I already rebuilt this, it was rejected because of a typo in the
changes file.  (The i386 guy must have fixed the changes file after
building the package.)  I'v fixed it and resubmited.

>  base            libgdbmg1           1.7.3-25
>  base            libgdbmg1-dev       1.7.3-25

I'm rebuilding these, I had to make two minor changes to the rules
file to get the altdev stuff to build correctly.  I hope that's ok.

I'd really like to see libgtk-perl, but I don't know what shape the
Sparc gtk stuff is in.  Debian needs to be really careful about gtk
stuff in the future. (w.r. to incompatible versions, etc.)


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