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Re: eject floppy in SS10?

> uh, yeah. :)
> i do believe that i mentioned that here:
> > > (floppy is NOT mounted, just inserted)
> 'df' shows no mounted floppy. so i take it that all of you have an 'fd0'
> ?? i was starting to think that because it was a sun, it had a different
> name for the floppy device... :)
> maybe i cold try deleting the 'fd0' that is there and MAKEDEV'ing it
> again?

As the person that rolled floppy eject support into 'eject', I'm kinda
interested in this.

Can you strace it and send me any relevant output?  This sounds like it
could be a 2.1 kernel related problem, though.  And as RH isn't using any
2.1 kernel stuff yet (at least not on the SPARC), I haven't had occasion
to try it there.

Also, can you do anything *else* with the floppy?  If the "resource" is
too busy to eject, one could rightly assume it's too busy to do anything
else with, too.


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