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RE: problem - *OLD* Sun 1/4inch tape dri

>From:  smooge@redhat.com
>Sent:  29 October 1998 15:17
>To:  John Cumming
>Subject:  RE: problem - *OLD* Sun 1/4inch tape dri
>On Thu, 29 Oct 1998, John Cumming wrote:
>>  ----------
>> From:  smooge@redhat.com
>> Sent:  29 October 1998 14:52
>> To:  John Cumming
>> Subject:  RE: problem - *OLD* Sun 1/4inch tape dri
>> >1) The tape drive is not 100% SCSI and so Linux wont find it. I   
>> a
>> > couple of tape drives that were like this.
>> Really can't say about that one - probe-scsi at the prom (promerty   
>> prompt returns detail about it.
>These may be 2 different calls on the scsi bus.... but I could be
>wrong. Dave Miller and such would be the authoritative on it.
>> >2) The tape drive has some mechanical fault that is causing it not to
>> >   report back on the probe.
>> Again as above...
>> >3) Sometimes, back in my sunos days, I would have problems with scsi
>> >   tape drives that were on the end of the scsi bus. Moving them to   
>> >   middle of the bus and putting an active terminator on the end of   
>> >   scsi bus would magically fix the problem.
>> Ahh!!! - This _could_ be it, it is at the end of the scsi bus - I'll   
>> home and try......
>I hope this does it.

Nope! - Well I have another solution to my problem, not _entirely_   
satisfactory, but it will have to do.

To save the hassle of possible different tape formats, I'll be backing   
everything up from SunOS using a dos formatted partition on one of my   
drives as a point to exchange files between the two systems (which was   
why I wanted the tape drive in the first place, come to think of it!)

If only I could mount ufs read-write....

I'll use mtools to create a dos fs on the partition and mount -t psfs   
/dev/???? in SunOS.

PROBLEM SOLVED.................well partially at least...

I HOPE this works.


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