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RE: problem - *OLD* Sun 1/4inch tape dri

Bad news - nothing at id 4 (my tape drive id)

probe-scsi gives 4 devices:
(I forget my sheet of paper with the exact details but the
output was something as follows)

id 1 Hard drive
id 3 Hard Drive
id 4 Tape drive

id 5 CDROM

but cat /proc/scsi/scsi

gives three:

id1 Hard Drive
id3 Hard Drive
id6 CDrom

I've tried compiling in scsi tape support (which I guess is there as   
standard anyway) and multiple LUN support (as the output from probe-scsi   
suggests multiple LUNs) but still no joy

The tape unit is some QIC-24 based unit I'm presuming.

The kernel is 2.0.33 - should I think of upgrading to 35 (or whatever's   
the top stable kernel)?

Please help me from switching back to SunOS........!


Could you do a cat /proc/scsi/scsi to see what the kernel sees on the   
bus... it might help in determine if the SCSI tape drive is saying it is
something other than tape drive.

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