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Re: Net-boot of SLCs

[debian-sparc mailinglist included]

On Tue, Oct 27, 1998 at 02:21:22PM +0000, Matthew Haas wrote:

 : > Another, quite simple method is to unpack the Debian base2_0.tgz file
 : > on your NFS-server in the appropriate directory, setup
 : > tftpboot/rarp/bootp and so on, export the unpacked base-tree and boot
 : > the sparc machine. On boot, Debian will complain that this is not the
 : > correct way to setup a Debian system. Yeah right :) Just press Ctrl-C
 : > and go on. Setup /etc/init.d/network, /etc/fstab, etc yourself. Not
 : > that difficult.
 : Sorry to sneak in the conversation, but I have a SPARCstation 2 which I
 : would like to install Linux upon. I am looking at Debian, and having a
 : x86 Debian distribution, I am able to compare between the two to see if I
 : have everything. I am wondering as to what I need to install Debian on
 : the SPARC- I have yet to find any Boot/Root floppy images... I have heard
 : of the net boot, just as is described in this thread, but I still am at a
 : loss-- where does the install program come into play?? Where does one
 : find it, and where does it get run?? From what I've seen of the Debian CD
 : tree, there are just 3 directories-- main, contrib, and non-free, each
 : containing the SPARC subdirectories... my x86 Debian CD has a directory
 : before all this which has the various boot & root & module images.

You need the debian-sparc from some Debian ftp-site in order to get it
working. The file to start with (imho, it's not the 'official' way) is

Unpack it, boot from that nfsroot directory, hit Ctrl-C when appropriate,
start `dselect' (the Debian install program) and just go ahead. Though I'd
recommend trying an 'official' Debian install (for example on i386) first,
because if you don't know where to look for some things, it can be hard I

When you need help on the Debian sparc port, try


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