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X server problems:

A couple of problems which I definitely see with my X server:

1) Control key gets 'stuck' down.

If I use <Ctrl-Alt-F1> to switch out of X into VC 1, and then use simply
<Alt-F7> to switch back in, the server then behaves as if the ctrl key is
held down.  This can be cleared easily enough by explicitly typing

2) Mouse gets occasionally seized by gpm

Symptom is that the mouse will freeze after a switch between console and X
mode.  I am pretty sure the interaction is with gpm since /etc/init.d/gpm
stop fixes it.

3) Occasionally, the system will switch to the X VC for no reason.  This
often seems to happen on the first console message since xconsole was
launched.  This will often be accompanied by symptoms of X 'latching on' to
the VC which was running when it happened.


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