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Re: Upcoming 2.1 Release Architectures

On Thu, Oct 15, 1998 at 01:12:16PM +0200, Christian Meder wrote:
 > Right. I would like to see a freeze on Sparc the result of which we should
 > call _development_ snapshot instead of release to distinguish them.
 > Remember the article of Alan Cox recently on slashdot.
 > * Release early to get other people jump on the wagon.
 > The ports tend to drag along because newbies don't know where to start.

 absolutely right!

 it is becaming difficult also for the developers to work on
 debian sparc, because there's no point where to start; I admit
 I didn't have much time to follow debian-sparc in the last weeks,
 but I really don't know which combination of kernel/glibc/gcc/etc. I
 have to use to compile SILO

 I need some clarification about this


PS> my company has bought 3 sparcs to help debian-sparc; I hope
we can do something useful
Davide.Barbieri@prosa.it (PROSA srl) - paci@debian.org (Sparc Debian)
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