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Re: Sparc status/my two cents

On Wed, 22 Jul 1998, Jonas Oberg wrote:

> > latest version.  In particular, someone should look into rebuilding mount.
> > That would fix several dependency problems.
> Actually, I did this just a few hours ago :-)  I've got a mount-2.7l,
> debian revision 5 working just fine here. If someone could tell me how
> I should get it up on the ftp, I'd be happy to place it there :-)
> In particular I'm interested toknow which files should be placed where
> and if I should do anything to indicate it beeing a NMU.

If you're not a developer, you can't.  If you're interested in helping,
then perhaps consider becoming a debian developer (see the developer's
corner on the website).

I am a developer, and I will install my development machine today (giving
me access to my PGP key) and I will do some uploads later.  Including
mount, unless someone beats me to it.

So, any requests for particular packages which need compiling, feel free
to email me, or, better, post them here.


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