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Re: This Mailing list.

"R" == Richard  <Rjp@logic.pl.net> writes:

 R>  This is more of a test E-Mail than anything. I haven't received any mail
 R>  from this list since joining two days ago.

That's not necessarily a bad thing ;)

Anybody knows or can point me to the install instructions/binaries for the
Debian Sparc Betas?

I have a Ultra 1 spare and would like to make it a showcase for Debian Linux
at BT Labs.

Happy Hacking!

Nicolai P Guba, BSc(Hons)		Distributed Systems Group
Managerial Professional Grade		BT Networks and Systems
BT Research Laboratories		Applied Research and Technology
Martlesham Heath, Suffolk IP3 8SR	pp B54/R73

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