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There's a new snapshot of the stable tree available.

You can find it over anonymous ftp at:

sparclinux-2.0-980625.tar.gz        entire source tree
sparclinux-980618-980625.diff.gz    patch against 980618 snapshot
sparclinux-2.0.34-980625.diff.gz    patch against plain 2.0.34 source

vmlinux-980625.gz	            non-SMP kernel
System.map-980625.gz		    non-SMP System.map
modules-980625.tar.gz		    non-SMP modules

System.map-SMP-980625.gz	    SMP counterparts of above

What's new:
- mathemu v4 code from Peter Maydell
- fix for sun4c problem in 980618

Standard disclaimers apply, though additional hardware became available to
test this on. 


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