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Re: Where is xserver package reside?

>I install x11 packages on Sparc 1 (xlib6g_3.3.1-2, xbase_3.3.1-2,
>xfnt100, xfnt75, xfntbase), but X don't start via startx.
>I don't find xf86config and Xserver for it.
>In which packege reside xf86config and xserver?

There is no xf86config for the sparc xserver (it's not needed).
The X server is in xserver-sun (it has been floating around, I don't
know if it ever made it to master. You can get it from
ftp.netg.se:/pub/Linux/sparc/X). It has a few rough edges, the most
problematic is that it doesn't support gzipped fonts so you need
to run xfs and pass -fp tcp/host_with_xfs:7100 to the xserver when you
start it.


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