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Re: Netra I5 (headless box)

Anders Hammarquist wrote:
> Way back in 1.3 days I managed to install debian on a headless sparc.
> There is nothing in init that requires that the tty is the console, it
> will work (or did at least then) with a serial console. What I did to
> get the output in the right place was to change /dev/console,
> /dev/tty0 and /dev/tty1 to symlinks /dev/ttyS0 (I think, maybe I used
> mknod to change the minor) on the install root (this implies that you
> have to have access to machine which can read/write ext2). After you
> are installed, you have to make sure that init runs a getty on your
> serial port (boot singleuser if it doesn't and edit inittab). Other
> than that I don't recall having any problems. (The 'normal' init
> doesn't have problems with the serial console, it's just the one on
> the install disks).

In fact, this is kind of problem I told ;-)
I fixed it in Debian init but a lot of changed have appeared in boot-floppies
package since my last upload.  I'm working on it but we need latest dpkg, kbd,
sysvinit, ...
A lot of packages to rebuild before I can package new boot-floppies.

BTW, your patch could work.  Just a remainder: the TERM=linux set internally by
init tells newt to draw frames with bad characters (letters instead of -|) on
vt* terminals.  I replaced it by TERM=vt100 in case of serial console but do
you know a better choice ?
Is there a way to detect serial console type ?


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