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Re: VERY outdated boot disks

In article <19980401112757.12474@salmon.etsit.upm.es> you wrote:

: 	A newer version is in Incoming/ in master since March 8th.

I just moved the Incoming/disks-sparc files into place in the hamm tree.  They
will show up as disks-sparc/1998-03-08/, with the 'current' symlink redirected
to these bits instead of the 970328 bits.

I have left the 970328 bits in place for the moment, but deleted the even
older ALPHA/ tree.  If someone other than the person(s) who built the new
bits would give them a whirl and report here, I'd like to go delete the 970328
bits to save space as soon as I see independent confirmation that the new
stuff is functional.

I've left Guy Maor a note about what I did, and a request that he flush the
disks-sparc directory and contents from Incoming.  If Eric Delaunay is reading,
he appears to have been the one who uploaded the files, and so could also
delete them from Incoming... I'm in the correct group on master to muck in the 
main FTP trees, but not to do arbitrary things in the Incoming directory.


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