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Re: Latest libc6?

Hi Michael and thanks for the rather thorough introduction to
Sparc/Linux libc6.

> aren't standard ftp sites for new packages; the ones on ftp.debian.org are
> usually it.

Then I'll be more then happy to keep looking for new interesting
updates there :-)

> Others, like vim, have problems.

Oh yes, this was the first thing I noticed on my new setup and insane
as I am, I got nvi ang compiled that instead and found to my pure
amusement that it acctually did work :-)

Then I got zsh working, but that took some more fiddling and I never
got a complete debian package out of it.

> 1) kernel:	Works!

Surprisingly well aswell. Whats the status of getting a 2.1.x kernel
running on a sparc?  The reason I'm asking is that I'd like to be able
to swap over NFS. Am I crazy? Well, maybe I am, and I'd probably never
use the swap anyways, but it's a comfort to have it there, just in
case :-)

> 4) X11:		Sort of working.  I made some packages for Xsun a while back.

I saw these recently and installed them on my system. I've created
/dev/kbd and the /dev/fb[0-1]{current,autodetect,user[0-7]}-devices.
Unfortunately an attempt to start X result in;

(using VT number 7)

Fatal server error:
no screens found

> If you can do work on any of the areas above I'm sure the Debian Sparc team
> would love to have you.

I'd love to put in some work on this area, but, not beeing a
registered Debian developer, I can't even recompile the programs for
the new libc6, even if I'll probably have to recompile them myself for
personal use. What a shame, ah well. :-)

> If not, you can still test all the packages currently available and
> help find bugs.

This I will most certainly do.

> [...] answers all your questions; if you have more, post them.

Thank you again for these answers! They do answer most of my vital
questions. I still have some left though, but I'm saving those for
some other list since they really have nothing to do with debian/sparc


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