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Latest libc6?


I just recently got started with Debian-sparc using an old base1_2.tgz
as ground and then upgrading manually until I got to a 2.0 debian.
This was because I didn't know that there was a base2_0.tgz (atleast
not that I could find on ftp.debian.org), so my first question is;
where are the standard ftp-places to look for new updates on packages?

My second question is about libc6. I've read old archives of
debian-sparc and can conclude that there is some problems with the
glibc2. I'm currently running libc6-2.0.92-980301 out of
ftp.debian.org so the question is; is this the one I should use, and
if not, where is the newer?

I got _a lot_ of programs segfaulting on Symbol '_IO_2_1_std{out,err}'
and I believe this to be caused by problems with libc6.

Hmm, as I look at it now I see that I have a libc6 2.0 and the symbol
implies something like libc6 2.1..
Could someone please clear this up for me? I'm eager to get to work on
debian-sparc but you can only do so much with a semi-working computer


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