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libc6-dev & libgdbmg1-dev conflicts


  the latest libc6-dev (2.0.92-980301-1) conflicts with libgdbmg1-dev
(1.7.3-23) for to symlinks: libndbm.a & libndbm.so.
Since libc6-dev provides NDBM interface to DB (there is no ndbm.h header, just
#define DB_DBM_HSEARCH then include db.h to enable backward compatibility), I
suggest removing these links from libgdbmg1-dev.
I can upload a new release and forward this mail to the libgdbm maintainer.
No objection ?


PS: I compiled amd (which is based on NDBM) with libc6's DB with no troubles
  (just replaced the gdbm include by <db.h>).

PPS: I uploaded amd & nis packages to erlangen (frozen & unstable dists).
  In the meantime they reach master, you can download them from

Last note:
  libc6 does not provide the -doc package in which the info files reside
  regarding the 2.0.7 release.  Could this package be created for the next
  upload (or these files added to the libc6 package) ?  The documentation on
  setting NIS is only provided in info format.

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