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Re: xbase

>>>>> " " == Anders Hammarquist <iko@netg.se> writes:

    >> While traking down the first error I noticed that xkbcomp
    >> xkbprint xkbvleds xkbwatch all Segmentation fault.

     > They may need to be recompiled with the new libc... 

This is what I suspected, but could not determine for lack of error
messages.  Here is what else I can provide,

(4) $ xkbcomp 
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

     > Do you get any messages about changed or undefined symbols?

I don't think so... the only place I found a message was in
/var/log/debug :

Mar 13 15:23:45 rho kernel: Fault: xkbcomp[386]: segfaults at 00000000 pc=50135744
Mar 19 13:03:06 rho kernel: Fault: xkbcomp[575]: segfaults at 00000000 pc=50135744
Mar 19 13:52:55 rho kernel: Fault: xkbcomp[1174]: segfaults at 00000000 pc=501752fc
Mar 19 14:00:38 rho kernel: Fault: xkbprint[1193]: segfaults at 00000000 pc=501752fc
Mar 19 14:00:46 rho kernel: Fault: xkbvleds[1195]: segfaults at 00000000 pc=50194e90
Mar 19 14:00:58 rho kernel: Fault: xkbwatch[1198]: segfaults at 00000000 pc=50194e90

Could it be that I'm not logging the *helpful* error messages?

thank you for your help,

I won't be listening for a week and a half or so as I'm leaving town
shortly.  So any other info will have to wait until then.


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