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Re: hamm freeze

>>>>> Anders Hammarquist writes:

>>> - glibc        a new release is available for testing
>> I don't know if it's a problem with initgroups() or
>> getgroups(), but I get "cespedes root" when using `groups' (it should
>> be just "cespedes").  Does anyone else suffer this?

 > Same here. It appears to be at least affecting initgroups, since I do
 > get permissions for the root group (even though I'm not listed in it).

I can't reproduce this with neither libc-980220 nor libc-980311 on intel.

What's your entry in /etc/nsswitch.conf for groups?  Are you using
nscd (NSS Caching Daemon)?

On which libc version is this sparc release based? 

 > I'm also having problems with programs dying with SIGFPE when trying
 > to do floating point math. I haven't looked in to exactly what it
 > affects yet, but it was the cause of the perl errors I spoke about
 > yesterday.
Did your glibc pass the test math/test-fenv without any failures?

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