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hamm freeze


  hamm will be frozen in few days, but what should be made about the sparc
port?  Are we ready for a release?
I did a quick check on the Packages file:
  616 packages were compiled for sparc (don't know how many are up-to-date)
  296 packages are arch indep.
(about 1500 packages are in the dist).

If we want to release something, we need at least a core distribution (base &
net stuff, some admin tools, minimal X11 stuff).

So, can we write a list of what should be (re)compiled first ?
It comes to mind some packages already in the process queue:
  - silo         big troubles with libc6 :-((
  - glibc        a new release is available for testing
  - binutils is out (maybe solve the silo problems ???)
  - boot-disks   a beta release was uploaded to master few days ago
  - xserver-sun  no X11 server packaged

I'm working on the following topics:
- boot disks upgrades (new features like serial console support, as well as bug
- kernel-{package/image} maintenance (need them for boot disks).
- sparc-fdisk and sparc-utils (elftoaout, piggyback) package development (also
  need them for boot disks and will upload them in few days).

I've just plugged 32MB of RAM into my Sparc/Classic to ease compiling packages,
so I think I will be able to build a lot of packages.  My main problems are:
1/ it's hard to find spare time now ;-((
2/ transfer rate from my ISP is very limited (I only dispose of a 14400 bauds
   modem :-(( ).
I hope I will solve the second point soon (I could be able to go to my old lab
once a week or so to download most of the new stuff), but not the first :-(.


PS: I've just downloaded the glibc stuff from Juan then will try it soon.

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 delaunay@lix.polytechnique.fr | En les supprimant." Henri Jeanson (1900-1970)

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