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Re: hamm freeze

>hamm will be frozen in few days, but what should be made about the sparc
>port?  Are we ready for a release?

As it looks right now, probably not. Though the new glibc looks really
promising (I just compiled perl against it, and it no longer needs
LD_BIND_NOW. Unfortunately it fails a few math tests. It's in
ftp.net.se:/pub/Linux/sparc - please test it). However, given that we
will be allowed to 'catch up' with the Intel release during the Freeze
(at least that's the impression I got) we may be able to get a release

>If we want to release something, we need at least a core distribution (base &
>net stuff, some admin tools, minimal X11 stuff).
>So, can we write a list of what should be (re)compiled first ?
>It comes to mind some packages already in the process queue:
>- silo         big troubles with libc6 :-((
>- glibc        a new release is available for testing
>- binutils is out (maybe solve the silo problems ???)
>- boot-disks   a beta release was uploaded to master few days ago
>- xserver-sun  no X11 server packaged

Arre <ac@netg.se> and I (mostly Arre) are working on Xsun. If we don't
run in to any problems (we probably will) it should be ready shortly.

I also hope to have a look at libstdc++ to see if I can get it to stop
segfaulting when doing IO. (incidentally, I'd like to know if anyone
else is experiencing these problems with the current libstdc++).

/Anders - back from vacation.
 -- Of course I'm crazy, but that doesn't mean I'm wrong.
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