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Re: libc6 progress

On Fri, Mar 06, 1998 at 08:37:43AM -0800, Joel Klecker wrote:
> At 16:14 +0100 1998-03-06, Juan Cespedes wrote:
> >	I'm not going to upload it yet, I'm going to make sure which
> >packages fail.  If someone wants to have a look at it (warning: they
> >may make your system unusable), I'll put it in
> >master.debian.org:/home/cespedes.
> Would you mind putting the sources there too? (just the diff and dsc will
> be fine)

	It's all there now.

	I haven't found any package failing; I'll test it a bit more
and will upload it tomorrow if all goes OK.

Juan Cespedes

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