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Re: debian/sparc progress

>>>>> Stephen Zander writes:

>>>>> "Juan" == Juan Cespedes <cespedes@debian.org> writes:
Juan> Yes, I'm working on it.  It compiles more or less
Juan> cleanly, but it fails to run *any* program.  I'm trying to
Juan> find the reason...

 > Has this version been released at all?

No, it hasn't - and it will not be released in the current form[1].
Debian sparc uses so far only (daily) snapshots of the glibc
development version[2].  There was no real release of glibc 2.1 so far
- just some test releases.


[1]  I mean: Since it's a development version, it's changing daily -
     and sometimes dramatically.  But I don't expect real major changes 
     anymore (but I might be wrong).

[2]  for details about snapshots see libc/README-alpha (or SNAP in
     older snapshots) or get the README from

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